How I can help you


There are times when we all struggle with what life throws at us. It often helps to be listened to and accepted for who we are, without feeling judged.


As a psychotherapeutic counsellor, I help you to understand what you are experiencing, to make positive choices and create effective change.




What is psychotherapeutic Counselling?


Working in equal partnership with you, my approach strengthens awareness of your thoughts, feelings and physical reactions. By seeing, understanding and expanding your choices right now, I support you to live life as the person you really are instead of how you think you should be.




How it works


Changes can be made by exploring what you are experiencing and how you are experiencing, rather than focusing on 'Why?'


In childhood, we all develop coping strategies to deal with difficult, painful and traumatic events. While these ways of coping may have been effective at the time, as adults they can inhibit us from being as happy, successful or liberated as we can be. 


Through experimenting with alternative effective ways of thinking about or experiencing your life, I can help you to realise your true potential.