How I Can Help

I offer compassionate support to help you understand the issues you are facing, make positive choices and instigate healthy changes.

There are times when we struggle with the challenges and obstacles life throws at us. It helps to be listened to, and accepted for who we are, without feeling judged.

As a psychotherapeutic counsellor, I offer practical techniques and an experienced, listening ear to help you navigate the best path forward.

Gestalt therapist in Oxfordshire
Gestalt therapist in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire

What is Psychotherapeutic Counselling?

Working with you, in equal partnership, my approach strengthens your awareness of thoughts, feelings and your reactions.

By recognising and understanding your choices, past and present, I support you to live life as the person you truly are. You can let go of struggling to be somebody or something you are not, free yourself from outworn beliefs and release crippling self-judgements.

What I Can Help With

How it Works

Changes can be made by exploring what you are experiencing and how you are experiencing, rather than focusing on why.

For example, in childhood, we develop coping strategies to deal with painful, confusing or traumatic events. These ways of coping may have been effective at the time but, as adults, they can inhibit us from being as happy, successful or liberated as we might be.

Seek the Support You Deserve

Whether you have questions or or want to arrange counselling sessions, please feel free to reach out to me by phone on  07410 411 102 or email, using my secure and confidential contact form. It’s important you get what you need.